Friday, September 25, 2009

Random Things

Patches froze up and refused to speak in a family group today. She even scooted her chair all the way back to the wall in protest. Darn it, what was I thinking giving her a compliment just moments before.

Kids decided to change it up and let Gia have the spotlight at Walmart. She has learned a lot from their fits and put on quite the show.

Michael admitted to the AT that he had plans to make false allegations against me. He also said I have done nothing mean to him. He's just mad about the trial. Good thing this session was taped, huh?

I am very tired today. My wrist feels a tiny bit better but my forearm that he gnawed on is extremely tender.

Our ATs decided I needed peer support and introduced me to another mother with 7 adopted children. She has a small support group on the other side of town that I will going to if I have to tie the kids to the bumper. (You know I am kidding, right?)

Still no word from the SW here. I do know she has spoken with our old OT and received a glowing reference.

We miss Cyr terribly. SHe went to her friend's house on Tuesday and then her the friend's father's home. This is the longest time she has ever been gone. It is so quiet here without her. I know it sounds weird but it's true. She always gets the kids dancing and singing with videos. They keep asking for her to come home. My DH said, "Never again!". LOL He still thinks he is in charge, too.

School has been out all week. I will be sending them Monday regardless. What about me? I need a break, too!

Getting nervous about testifying on Thursday at their Mother's Plea Hearing.

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