Thursday, September 03, 2009

He Wants To Be My Boyfriend

Ruthie has a very different idea of what it means to be a BF or how to become one. I think I have mentioned this before. Yesterday she came home with a phone number and claimed this boy wants her to call him. I let her while I practically sat on her. Turned out to be a fax number so someone can't write or doesn't know their own number. She was very upset b/c she really likes him. She likes every one so I wasn't worried until today.....He asked her to go to the movies and kiss with their tongues. We had a quick chat about how inappropriate that is when Cyr chimed in. She was very animated and explained that she is 3 yrs older and she hasn't had her first boy kiss so she will have to wait. Somehow Ruthie walked away thinking she had to wait for Cyr to have hers than she can go to the movies and make out with this boy. I practically laughed out loud. She is worried he will find another love while she waits for spinster Cyr to go first.

Just in case someone has missed it. I will have 7 teenagers at the same time in just a few short years. Hormones and love lives will be a daily stress. They are going to fight over the same boys and friends. Can't wait.

I will be forced to deal with all the invites over at the other blog ASAP. I received a call from the Victim's Advocate to set an appointment for next Thursday with the A.D.A. No news yet except that. If you sent me an email in the past or were invited and can't get in, I will send you the invite again soon. I will post here when that is done so you will know.

Cyr and I made Turtle Brownies today and they are in the oven. Mmmmmm.


Melissa said...

That is too funny!!

My daughters still think kissing boys would be gross. It won't be long though...they're 8 and 6.

Dia por Dia said...

And I have been in a panic about having 2 of them at the same time! Lucky you. I love teens but not when they are my own!

AnnMarie said...

I'd like a new invite as it's been so long and I've moved and gotten a new computer I no longer have the link to the site.