Monday, September 21, 2009

No Water?

We had some of the worst thunderstorms that I can remember. It went on all night long. The kids were frightened and a few came and slept on the floor in our room. We had kids in there and I was so excited when I realized we had that many. Usually it's Emma, even Michael has stopped coming in again. Ava, Ruthie, and Eddie were camped out in their sleeping bags all over.

I decided to let them sleep in since they couldn't stand outside and wait for the bus in a thunderstorm. I planned on driving them to school. They all got up and got dressed quickly. Then they tried to brush their teeth. No Water! Air came out of the faucet. My DH got up and came down to turn on the TV. We realized that the flooding had broken one of the main pipes and our county has no water. Our county! We wondered if that would close the schools so we changed to the county station and NO SCHOOL. The roads in our area are flooded out. They are gone!

Much to my surprise, many of the kids asked to go back to bed. They all complained they had been up all night and were exhausted. Too bad I had already had a cup of coffee b/c now I can't join them.

I'm hoping the flooded streets keep the SW away while they are home. It would be so much easier if she waited until they are in school.

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