Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Beacon

I am so out of sorts that I brought Cyr to her dentist appointment 2 hours early. She is so desperate to get away from me that she chose to return to school even though she can't eat or feel a thing in her mouth. She is afraid we will have to talk about her recent incident. I don't blame her. I am taking the advice of a reader here and reporting it to law enforcement.

When I dropped off Cyr back at the school, I dreaded delivering the packet of letters. I could literally feel my heart in my chest. I was told the principal was busy and asked for a guidance counselor. After waiting about 10 minutes or so, I noticed the principal standing in the back of the desk. She asked how I was and I was honest. I needed to speak to her. I feared I'd get the same response I do from the other school officials when I need to speak to them. No. She was came right over. I explained what has happened and she immediately became supportive. She gets it. She really gets it. I can't believe how incredibly lucky we have been with that school, both the regular middle school and the psych-educational program in there have renewed my faith in people. She didn't need me to tell her to ask a few more questions before reporting us if the need ever arose, she told me first. I am not expecting anyone to break any rules for us. I encourage them to report us, if they still do not get the situation cleared up.

She said it was no problem to excuse the kids during the week of the trial for the days they miss b/c of the extenuating circumstances. I wish we could clone them over there and pass them around. It is the first time I have felt safe and accepted in a school. She has no idea how much she helped.

All I kept thinking all night is we will have to move to a new school system. I fear for our continued safety here if the other school can't be reasoned with. I am aware this seems extreme. My DH has been more than willing to point that out but it doesn't change the fear I feel. I am the one they are targeting. I feel very attacked and defensive. I become defensive easily on a good day, these are worst case scenario days.

Only 1 more day before I wake up and make a 2 hour drive that will take 3 b/c of traffic.

Still no word from the SW. I am irritated. This afternoon I am calling her supervisor. I hate to make her mad but come on already.


Sheri said...

We have had CPS called 3 times. The last time the SW made an appearance at school and never at home. I freaked out too. When I finally got ahold of them they said they have to keep the case open for 90 days. They didn't think it was an issue so they didn't want to some out to our house until they could close the case. They said they would be out before the 90 were up. He came at 4:50 on the 90th day.

Michelle said...

You don't sound defensive at all to me. I'm sure you feel the need to explain at times...you really have a good reason to explain, IMO.

Woke up praying for your family. Will continue.

Lisa said...

The hardest thing ever is trying to explain the unseeable things our kids do.

Keep breathing....nice, slow, steady breaths. You can do this. You are superwoman!

Abby said...

*hugs* Hang in there. We're all pulling for ya (and praying)!

Torina said...

I love a supportive school. We finally have one, too, and it makes all the difference. I no longer have heart palpitations and vomit after IEP meetings. I'm glad some of the shittiness relinquished its hold on you this week. You needed to catch a break!