Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Pipes Are Screaming

I hope that means water is coming! I promise, you people can not imagine, unless it has happened to you, how awful it has been without water and so many wetter and poopers. Thank goodness, I had a case of baby wipes here or I would have been forced to tie them up outside until the water pressure returned. Since they are wetters, they wet the bed nightly. It manages to seep out even with a pull up on. They have all become extremely regular since we have been without water. Someone even spread it around for me to see how regular they are. One child pooped himself b/c they didn't like being told to change his wet shorts, AGAIN. He sure showed me. He smelled so bad that he had to leave the room while we ate and return to eat alone.

Upon first glance, my home looks clean. Almost too clean for so many people (only b/c we expect a visit from a SW and I am paranoid she will think I am a bad mother b/c there is a toy on the floor). It is clear when you look at the baseboards and on top of shelves that it is clean down deep. Once you step in the kitchen, it is another story. I have neatly stacked the 400 cups and plates in one side of the sink. The other is empty, hopefully giving the impression we are organizing our filth. What would blow you away is the stench. I have long since run out of any smell good spray. It wasn't helping hide anything, just mixed with it giving off a slightly different noxious gas. The laundry room seems to have the worst smells of all. The days and days of urine soaked bedding has begun to permeate the walls. Basically, do not stop over until I can do some wash and bathe some kids if you value your sense of smell.


FosterAbba said...

Have you thought about doing some washing in the flooded creek?

It probably won't get the laundry clean, but at least it won't smell like POOP!

I hope your water comes back on soon.

Tudu said...

I can't get to the flooded creek b/c the roads are all out. Our yard is dry as a bone.

Jeri said...

Maybe the washed-out roads will keep the social worker from visiting until you guys have water again. Hang in there.....hopefully the shreaking pipes means clean water blasting your way. Now for the wet shorts/pooper...sounds like it is time for him to do some hand.