Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Protection Letter

Someone asked what it is. It is a letter from our current therapist or psychologist that explains the dx and behaviors that may been seen by others. It basically defends us when the police are called. We misplaced it or someone took it. I used to have several copies and one scanned in our computer, until it crashed. We used to use it to show store personnel and officers that it wasn't MY fault they were misbehaving or having to be restrained in the middle of aisle 4. We have had MANY public issues that included an attack on me physically. It doesn't always help but it does kinda back up what I am telling them.

I have since made small business cards that explained our situation b/c it was easier for strangers to understand. I have changed it over the last year but ended up with:

We are an adoptive family. Our children have severe emotional disorders and/or mental illnesses from a very traumatic childhood before coming to us. Our way of parenting sometimes seems strange but we are doing what is best for them and are under the care of professionals. We are sorry if we have disturbed you and appreciate your patience while we cope with life. Do not touch the children for your safety. Feel free to call 911. If you'd like to understand our struggles better, please visit us at

People back off and since I encourage them to call for assistance, they usually believe me. It makes the incredibly emotional situation less of pain since I do not have to explain to EVERY person that stops by while I am on the floor why my kids act this way or what they have done. It is less embarrassing for them b/c I do not give their life story out accidentally trying to defend myself. I tend to be the target 99.9% of the time. I not only have to worry about the child I am holding and the other kids that are escalating but the well meaning stranger, too. I do not always react with dignity and grace. In the beginning, I was afraid and like a wounded animal, I would snap at them.

Just being curious, anyone here received a card? Leave a comment, do it anonymously or tell me not to post it and I won't. Remind me of how we met. For all I know, no one has ever actually looked here afterward.

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