Saturday, September 26, 2009


Before Cyr left for her week long vacation, she let something slip. She DOES remember the sexual abuse that happened to her brother. We had long feared it was do to her own guilt, for not saving them or for being forced to participate. Still not sure which it is but am thrilled she is finally acknowledging she was there.

Patches is very worried she will not be able to speak when the time comes. I think all the adults in her life have the same fear. We are trying to find ways to keep her from disassociating at the very first question. She immediately shuts down and is unable to speak. You can see her body change and her eyes turn down. She is the bravest child I know. She was the first to tell. She was met with anger by her siblings. She stood her ground. We are trying to help her see that she is saving her siblings and she has control over her own body. She doesn't have to do anything except answer the questions. They will be very easy, simple questions. She can do this. I am not sure she will. I can say that we have had the best week ever with her. She is too frightened to focus on irritating anyone.

I would love to peel the twins off my leg. Their way of coping seems to be to ask me 400 questions a minute. Ruthie and Michael have been sleeping every chance they get.

I'm off to spend the rest of a rainy day snuggling.

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