Sunday, March 30, 2008

Helpful Kids and a New No Touch Policy

Which one of you switched out my kids? We had a lazy day yesterday after AT, we watched a couple of movies and napped all afternoon. Today we cleaned the house, yard, and carport with VERY little complaints. I was so proud of them we are planning on going to McDonald's to play and have ice cream.

Therapy went well yesterday but I have some difficult news for my DH. He is not going to like it and may not even agree to do it. The AT thinks he should not have ANY physical contact with him. She can be around him, do things with him, but no contact. This is to force her to fill other needs besides her physical attention. She is to get her affection needs filled from me. She was explained all of this in AT, I am anxious to see what her reaction is when he walks in the door this afternoon. She openly admitted she takes up all his time so the kids and I don't get him. The AT tried a new way to talk to her, treated her like an adult and instead of therapy it was just a conversation, it works b/c that is how I get her to admit all kinds of shocking things. She has a hard time reading emotions and if I play like it is just normal and casual, she will answer anything.

Pathces had a good session, she was offered chocolate and answered several questions the AT asked. We were able to discuss her sexual abuse a bit before she tuned out. The AT is thinking now that her peeing may be sexually gratifying. Sometimes it is control but she thinks it is possible it feels good. It has been very limited since Patches and I discussed it being related to her past abuse so I am a bit confused. The AT is still trying to figure out where her head is since she shuts down so quickly in AT.

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Lisa said...

God bless you Tudu! This is a hard one. Our AT put J on touch restriction with Gus too. December 2007. You know Gus doesn't get it already so I didn't bother telling him. Only told J and I was there to supervise all their contact. Since she only see's him for a few hours on Saturday this wasn't to awfully hard. Gus has been to only one AT therapy session (a couple of weeks ago)and Kristy (AT) broke the news to him. He didn't get it. Surprise! Surprise!
Last night he came over and questioned my parenting in front of J. Grrr! Then he had the audacity to make the "mad cat" sound. Bad decision! I had to ask him to leave because it wasn't ok to question my parenting or demean it. Now it's my turn to make the "mad cat" sound!
Hugs! You are an awesome mom!