Sunday, March 02, 2008

Murder or Not to Murder

My son has had a hard time today, his sister tried to choke him to death while I peed (feels like this word is a bad word, hehehehe). Ella, Ema, Ruthie, Michael, and Ava were in the front yard rolling down the hill and I stepped away for a moment to excuse myself. They were all being quite loud and having a ton of fun. I guess Michael started yelling too loud and she grabbed him by his throat, squeezed as hard as she could (there are marks), and refused to let go. Poor kid, if he hadn't done it to her for the first year I would feel real bad for him. She denied it even though there were witnesses and is doing his chore to make up for it. She is becoming quite a pistol lately, very "energetic" since she has come out with her allegations. She is doing OK and seems to be working extra hard not to be a victim.

Michael decided to play on the computer and later ran into the LR to tell me he killed a chicken. I had to stop and think, where would he have found a chicken? Then it dawned on me he meant on the computer. Silly Mom, kids don't kill chickens IRL. Got my heart rate up a bit.

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