Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

We didn't dye a single egg this holiday and the kids ever asked. I ended up doing it all myself last year anyway so I figured I would save myself the hassle.

We went to my MIL for lunch and it was great. Kids behaved until the end when Ava had struggled a few times during the visit but went all out for attention at the end. I asked the kids to come back tot he driveway and pick up the bubbles they had left out and she had been the last one with them but 2 other kids jumped up to help her. She went into her typical slow motion walk and I suggested she hurry up. That was all it took. She refused and as I tried to approach her to escort her she took off running knowing with my hips hurting I couldn't catch her. Luckily Cyr grabbed her and held her for me, I took her wrist and escorted her twisting and wriggling all the 10 feet to the darn bubbles. She refused to bend over and I took one wrist in each hand and "helped her" pick it up and move it. She was being escorted back tothe van twisting and wriggling, trying to hurt my thumb the entire way. Once at the van she refused to get in and twisted and threw herself to the ground. I was livid. She is such a pain in this state and was trying to ruin the fun we all just had. She only got up when I told her if she damaged my kids or car I would be calling the police to assist. Miraculously, she recovered and had a decent ride home. She is now doing my chores for the evening "yeah right" to make it up to me. SHe has punched or slapped Michael and Emma 9 times in the last 24 hours. Gotta love holidays!

We went with a giant basket for all this year to avoid the tons of mini crap that piles up around here. They really liked it so I think it will become a tradition.

Cyr was well behaved at Nanny's but did manage to corner Michael into playing a video game alone with her. She was fully aware she she was doing something wrong and got right up to leave. Since the other kids were all outside playing she didn't need to be up my DH's rear and barely hung out with him. We had gone to Walmart together alone last night for the basket stuff and she was luke warm to me which is progress.

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quilted family said...

This is the first Easter we didn't dye eggs either. the kids just weren't interested and I didn't want the hassle so we didn't do it. Felt kind of weird, but also kind of nice, one less thing to stress about.
We still "HAD" to do the Easter Egg hunt and the search for the baskets this AM. It is cute when teens are able to still enjoy and insist on tradition.