Thursday, March 27, 2008

She Could Drive Me to Drink

These pants were filthied up intentionally, she does this every day. She wears the same size as the other two 6 yr olds and she can not be allowed to wear clothes until they are broken in b/c she does this to them. Every day I remind her she deserves nice things and she is going to have to try harder to convince me otherwise, meanwhile, I am going through some Shout. Anything else work better? Georgia clay is darn hard to get out and with her determination I am pretty confident she is going to continue to look homeless. Everyone else is getting past this stage, Michael ruins the knees of every pair of pants but I am thinking that is normal for boys. Her NEED to trash her appearance is obvious and very sad. This other picture is of her earlier this month, that is the smile she gives you when she has done something wrong. It happens right before she realizes she isn't going to get away with it, then her head goes down and she picks her finger nails refusing to acknowledge you. She is sooooo charming and cute, makes you want to believe her!


Anonymous said...

Tide with bleach is great.
Or even color safe bleach.

If you have a front loader, you can add regular bleach to even loads of darks and brights.

Otherwise, get her clothes at good will or maybe on ebay?

Lisa said...

I finally figured out my login so I can leave posts! Whoo hoo!

Jordan had the same problem for a long time along with cutting and marking on all her clothes. I finally (with AT encouragement) told her that I understood that she didn't feel like she deserved nice clothes so to save her some time she could just wear the same clothes the next day that she had worked so hard on (to destroy) every day and I just hated to wash out all her hard work. She only had one outfit in her closet during this time. I told her to please feel free to cut some more, write on, roll around in the dirt in. It took 2 days of wearing the same clothes to school that she decided to quit. Now she tries really hard to keep her "good clothes" in good shape. Of course she still has play clothes that she can wallow in the mud in if she wants to (and they'll be washed) but she doesn't seem to want to even be destructive to them anymore.
Just a thought....

Lorie said...

OXY BRIGHT!!!! I love the stuff. It removes everything. You usually need to soak it over night, but it will remove almost every stain :-) I LOVE IT! I use it on everything, and am tempted to use it on the kid :-)

Mongoose said...

I was going to suggest buying her mud-coloured or camo clothes. I have brown camo pants I wear to work and you can't tell where any of the stains are. Compared to all the jeans I wear to work which have to be retired from off-duty wear after one load.

However, having read the previous comments, I'm gonna change my answer to what Lisa said.

Anonymous said...

When I see The Smile at our house, I know it doesn't mean anything -- or anything good. I have even seen our Smiler perfecting her art form in the mirror. The Smile is an indicator to me that whatever mental effort may (or may not) have gone before has now ceased, and all further lines of questioning will be met with "I don't know" or "I forget." Wonder what (legal) career options are open to someone with a dazzling but empty smile? -- Rachel