Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More on Brooklyn

She napped from 8:30AM until I had to shake her awake at noon. SHe LOVES to sleep. I had to get to Walmart to get some groceries and supplies for the kids egg hunt and crazy hat parade. On the way out the door I promise we will stop and get something to eat but not McDonalds b/c I am sick of it. Guess where we ate? You got it, McDonalds. She went on and on about what I had eaten there and that I should try othre things. In the end she told me very clearly she would not be really happy unless it was McDonalds, so being the loving aunt I am, I sucked it up and ate there. She was beaming from ear to ear.

She managed to entertain everyone within ear shot of us in Walmart. We have a constant dialog b/c the child never shuts up. I asked her at one point if she liked oatmeal or grits and she claimed they were gross. I asked her if she had tried the peach or strawberry one and she insisted that it was nasty. When I startted to mention that I like it, she completely cut me off and went from playful to down right bossy. She placed her hand on her hip and looked me directly in the eye (something I am not used to seeing without insisting it) "Tudu, I'm allergic, OK? Can we just get poptarts?" I busted out laughing knowing full and well this child has no allergies and just wanted to get the darn poptarts. When I caught my breath, I told her I was telling her Mom she was a liar liar pants on fire (I know I am a bit childish myself). She immediately apologized and told me she didn't NEED the poptarts. People around us were roaring.

Later in the store an elderly couple, probably in their 90s were pushing a cart full of those big giant balls. I assume they were a gift b/c I don't think they could have chased a ball much less a snail at this point. Walking was a struggle but this seemed important enough to cruise Walmart. Brooklyn looks right at the couple, points, and hollers, "Hey, that old man has some BIG balls!" His wife had to stop she was laughing so hard and he was hard of hearing and kept going. He finally turns around to see her doubled over walker and he "runs" to her aid only to realize she was laughing and she announces she has peed herself from laughing too hard. I am mortified we have caused this sweet woman to wet her pants but it seemed she didn't even care, she tried to explain to her DH what Brooklyn said but it was lost on him. She waved and they headed off.

Her Dad came for a surprise visit last night, she hasn't seen him since Christmas.

My kids are loving the outside. They did their chores without an issue, filled 250 eggs, and made 2 of the craziest hats for the twins parade. I have pictures of the property but the batteries died, I will post them later today.


quilted family said...

I laughed until I cried. Don't you just love how those little voices carry so well when they are saying the most embarassing, or funny,things. Thanks for sharing.

Mongoose said...

I hope Brooklyn marries Theresa's son Larry. They sound perfect for each other. :)