Sunday, March 16, 2008

The house is a mess, I am having a difficult time finding a place for everything. I am sure it will all happen, I just wanted it done yesterday.

My precious Brooklyn is coming for a week, I am driving to pick her up tomorrow. She is my almost 4 yr old niece that I have kept during the week for the first 3.25 years of her life. Her Mother remarried and moved an hour away and ripped her from my arms. The child calls me daily, on her own and tells her Mother constantly, "Tudu says" this or that. We are very connected and to have her for w eek is pure joy. She will not be any help at all, her favorite past time is to snuggle in my bed with me and take a nap.

Last night the kids stayed up past their 8:30 bedtime to listen to music videos with Dad and dance around the living room. He went up and put up a multilevel tent for them to camp in and I provided the snacks and flashlight.


Innocent Observer said...

What is a multi level tent?

Anonymous said...

can we get some more pictures...and where are the pictures of the new diggs...have I told you lately how much I admire you and your parenting style and abilities...


Mongoose said...

Hehehe. Other people's kids are the best, aren't they? You only get the good side of them. LOL

I'm glad that you have kids in your life that are uncomplicated, so it gives you some balance.

Also I saw on the news there was a tornado in Atlanta. I don't know how close that is to you... You must be ok since you're blogging!

Angela :-) said...

If your sister tried that relationship with your kids, you'd freak.

Of course, I'm assuming it isn't how it sounds. ;-)

BTW, Mongoose had some pretty good advice on your last post.

Angela :-)

Mongoose said...

I feel validated. :) Angela is right too, when you think about it. And now that she mentions it, I wonder if anyone might be confused by the fact that you accept other kids so readily into your "brood". Does it maybe blur the definition of what a parent is in some people's eyes?

Tudu said...

Kerry, a multilevel tent is when you have a lower ceiling and another section with a higher ceiling. I have a few kids that were locked in small places and get worked up if the blanket "tent" is too low.

As soon as I find the camera and we have sun, I will take some photos. We had multiple tornadoes here yesterday that were within a couple of miles from our house. The sirens were going on and off for hours. By the time it got settled down I fell asleep at 5PM when I was supposed to be organizing my room. I had 5 other little ones that went down and were spread out all over my room. My DH thought it got quiet and came looking. Stress will wear you out.

You have a point about blurring the parent definition, I do have extremely close relationships with 4 of my nieces. They have always spent every school break and many weekends during school with me. I think it gives my kids a peek into what a normal relationship should look like. Brooklyn would love to live her and have her Mother visit her here and Angela is right, I would never allow my children to have a relationship like this with anyone. The difference is Brooklyn is very attached to her Mother and I am her special person. WHen she begins school she will start work the whole "My teacher says" thing. She is also just at that age when they love the phone but don't keep upi their end of the conversation. Her sister showed her how to call me on speed dial and now she does it on her own. She is VERY smart and knows how to work adults. It is very funny.

In case I forgot to mention, Mongoose does rock!