Thursday, March 13, 2008

I got the kids loaded up in the van to take them their first day and the darn thing wouldn't start. I smiled and told them to sit still, I'd be right back. I went in side and screamed. Then I calmly went back out ans asked them all to help me unload the old van so I could take them to school. We weren't late and they had no idea I was flipping out inside for them. Patches refused to enter her class and both Ava and Michael cried several times throughout the day. All were excited to go again today.

I had 5 back to back IEP meetings yesterday and discovered they do not have contained classrooms here in this county. That is why Patches had such a hard time. Ella, Ruthie, and Patches were in class with between 4-9 students. This county believes in putting them in General Ed and only pulling them out for reading and math. Michael will not be pulled out for math but will be in a group where English is their second language. I am worried, there is nothing else I can do but worry. I feel like they tricked me.

Michael is getting very aggressive since the move and punched 3 of our girls yesterday. I made a bad choice (it worked but I feel terrible) and pretended I was going to punch him for it. I swung hard and fast but stopped just shy of actually hitting him. It scared the crap out of him and he cried for 10 minutes. He came back out of his room and told the girls I didn't hurt him but he was sorry for hurting them. This was all on his own and is a first but I shouldn't have proven my point that way. It's was funny though b/c the girls knew instantly that I didn't hurt him and told him to stop crying b/c Mom would never actually hurt him. He kept his fists to himself the rest of the day.

I am waiting for the Assessment lady to get here. She is 45 minutes late. I need a nap and a break from a barking dog.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry that you feel tricked by the county...I will worry with you....and keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


Innocent Observer said...

Don't you hate when you do something like that? It sucks even more when you do something stupid and it WORKS! Darn it all!

I gotta say, you hold it together WAY better than most parents of kids who don't have any special needs.

It sounds like the class sizes are right but the approach is a little lacking. What next?


jen said...

That is what my school district does as well. Two of my girls are removed for math and reading. One difference though- they have a special remedial period where they go over what they learned in social studies and science. It is part of the "no child left behind". Just started this year.

By the way, found your blog a few weeks ago and am enjoying.

Thanks for sharing...


Anonymous said...

The public school students are getting ready for Spring Break . . . do your kids get one also, so they can get more settled (haha) into their new home? Although perhaps you'd rather have them occupied . . . Rachel

Anonymous said...

So if they fall apart in the mainstream, and I gather some of them will, what is Plan B? I hate it when school districts decide on an approach and assume it will work for everyone!

Carmine Crayon said...

sounds like you did a great job improvising! keep us up-to-date on the classroom thing. curious how they'll will be doing in a few months time. how do they feel about being at the same school? what grade is everyone in??