Friday, March 21, 2008

I have 6 Egg Hunts and a Crazy Hat Parade to attend today. Unfortunately, several of them are at the same time so I will have to run around quite a bit.

I feel a bit silly complaining about any issues considering what Cindy is going through. She was the first blog I became addicted to and she is the first I read every morning. I thought we were crazy when knew in our hearts we wanted a very large family but not knowing any I felt a family of 6 was huge, still it seemed small to me. Reading about her family made me realize I am not crazy, OK that can be debated later, for wanting more than the average family size. I love how honest she is about her own tantrums and mistakes, how she insists on living in her PJs, and her wonderful childish sense of humor. She is facing a true family crisis right now and as we all know, when in the middle of one it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. If any one can do get through this it will be her, I have every confidence she will work things out but in the mean time, she could use some support.


Me said...

She was my first blog addiction, too, and she's the first I read each day. I pray for her family every day but, lately, I'm praying extra-hard!

Cindy said...

Y'all are TOO sweet. I wore blue jeans all day and feel like I have a dadgum girdle on...need my pjs NOW.