Tuesday, April 01, 2008

We are expecting blizzard like conditions here today and the snow may reach up to 4 feet. The kids were warned not to step outside b/c they may sink to the bottom and be lost until Summer. The Cat in The Hat crank called us last night around 11:30 PM and once I realized it was him, I invited him over today for a snack. Cyr was bitten by a bedbug last night on her elbow and was warned to watch it carefully all day for it to turn black. If it does she is to immediately report it to an adult so we can rush her in to the hospital. You know how they get infected so quickly and in rare cases the entire arm must be amputated to save the head from rotting off.

Every child believed me, they were so surprised when I had them lined up ready for the bus and announced "April Fools!". They had no idea what it was or when they had been tricked. I explained what it meant (just like last year, duh!) and asked them to tell me what I have said that sounded like a trick. Most couldn't think of any. Too bad I wasn't kidding when I told them they all have bloodwork at the AT's today. LOL

Fonzo the dog is home. He also brought a cold with him. He is so much calmer and well behaved. He is listening to the commands and following them. He has not jumped on a single kid or acted crazy at all. Yeah!!!!

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Jen said...


You may want to take Fonzo to the vet. It's very common for dogs and cats to get respiratory infections when they are in w/ other cats and dogs. Hopefully, he doesn't have Kennel Cough, which unfortunately, is also common. Glad he is behaving!