Monday, March 10, 2008

We Are Here

The cable guy was EARLY! Have you ever heard of that? They said between 2-5PM and I got her at 1:45 to see him waiting in the drive. YEAH!

It snowed so hard on Saturday that we had to postpone moving until Sunday. Of course within a hour of canceling with everyone it cleared up and was just cold. No one showed up on Sunday except 1 young guy that has worked for my DH for about a year. He is a real sweetie but no one else would answer their phone. We stated to panic around noon but he showed up and we got the big stuff moved. I have to make several runs this week but it will be done by the weekend.

Since the weather was so bad on Saturday we ran out to look at a small car to take the kids to AT, do grocery shopping, and errands with. We purchased a used mini van that gets great gas mileage and seats all the kids. Poor Dh can't go with us but we will just have to drive the big ole van for family stuff. I love it, I feel like I am diving a sports car. LOL After driving a HUGE van anything feels small.

I enrolled the kids in school today. I pissed everyone off with my lack of charm. First of all, I am a good sport until you call my kids by their old last name and insist they will be enrolled that way b/c their birth certificates have not arrived yet. Just ignore the certified copies of the adoption decree and the fact the other district has my kids listed as my children. I was livid. I am so glad this was at the county office not the school. Then they tell me to go talk to the Deputy Superintendent to see if they can change things. After much arguing, she did. I still have to prove the parent's rights were terminated or they will be allowed to withdraw them, get my address, get their grades, or check them out b/c in their names are on the birth certificate even thought they have been adopted. Strange? So after I irritated them, we get all loaded up in the new van and find it won't start. Cyr had been listening to the radio the entire 2 hours and it ran the battery down. I had to go back in for help. They refused to answer the door and I had to make the long walk to the main building to beg for a jump. They found a nice man in the back office willing. I guess they forgot to tell him I was the evil screaming mother just an hour before.


Maia said...

Congratulations on being (partially) moved! The school thing sounds really frustrating and irritating. Good luck with that.

momma-o-minnie said...

One time, even though I had papers for placement, I had to get a notorized statement from a social worker, and THEN she had to come down again to enroll a foster child - the school was so stupid. I ended up adopting that child, and I never even tried to change his name with the schools because they were so idiotic. When he went to graduate, we were asked what name we wanted on his certificate, and we put his adopted name....
Schools can drve you insane!

Anonymous said...

That school stuff bites!

We are still waiting on new birth certs for the girls after almost 4 months and we are told it could take another 5. Why does something so seemingly simple take soooo long?!

I feel ya on the van issues! We just spent major cash on repairs last month and something else just broke today, UGH

Abby goes to Denmark! said...

Good for you on shaking things up with them!! I just started working in a new district and the paperwork that even I have to fill out is just absolutely ridiculous.

And they have my name spelled wrong on EVERYTHING around the school, but I'm not even going to bother trying to fight it. lol

Anonymous said...

How are the kids doing with the move? Enjoying all that space? Congratulations! -- Rachel