Saturday, March 22, 2008

Being Sneaky

I received another call from their parents and felt I had to get it over with. I guess it is taking the detective longer than she planned. All their Mother talked about was herself. She is depressed, she is going to start therapy, she hates her life, she is keeping her niece more than the child's mother does (you read that right, she has her 14 yr old severely delayed niece staying with her), and we need to schedule a visit with her SIL. She is not very good at being deceitful, she obviously pans to follow the SIL here to see where we are. She mentioned it over and over and before she was angry they get to see her kids. I spoke with the Aunt later and she agrees they are up to something and she requested we hold off for a bit, at least until they are arrested.

I think my DH and I are finally on the same page about Cyr trying to seduce him. He doesn't want to believe it but he knows she is capable of doing terrible things and looking so innocent. He is willing to consider it an issue and try harder to show a united front with me.

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