Monday, March 03, 2008

The Aunt was interviewed today and she is helping the detective find the paternal aunt and get the Mother away from the Father so she can be interviewed alone. Things are looking good for the case.

Kids are freaking out about he move and the only thing that is any comfort is that their family won't know where they are. They are not helping with the packing like I wished but it is slowly coming along.

Everything else is the same. Tons of laundry, appointments, homework, and meals to cook. I sure do love my family, quirks and all.


momma-o-minnie said...

I've moved with foster and adoptive children. Here's my suggestions: 1) get a cloth bag for each child and have them decorate it (and write their names on it.) Have them pack it NOW with their most important possessions - dolls, bears, etc. They can hang them on the doors to their rooms when they are gone or carry them with them in car, whatever so that they are not lost. 2) Have the kids help pack on the VERY LAST DAY their rooms - not a day before. It's a terrible scramble and I have friends who come and help each room pack (1 friend for each room) but that way they can keep their rooms together until the very last minute. As the boxes are packed, each child has a specially colored sharpie for them (red, orange, yellow, etc.) and they mark their box... Get people from your church to help when you move to identify which color goes to which room and help unpack the stuff immediately. Dishes can wait - their stuff cannot.
3) The key to this move is food (lots of comfort food - pizza and hamburgers) and organization. Recognize that your children will do better if you show organization... I usually have a friend assigned to each child. We moved 8 children the last move - 5 were foster/adopt... I had 7 adults to help the 8 children, both at the other home and here. We paid a company to move the heavy stuff (piano, dressers, sleeper sofa) and the dads got together and moved everything else. The 7 adults (a few were teens helped to pack and unpack the kids rooms so that the rooms were relatively set up by the end of the night, beds made, toys back on shelves, in toyboxes, books on shelves, curtains hung up, bunkbeds reassembled, etc. That way, I was busy dealing with other furniture placement. I didn't necessarily leave things where they were later on, but at least the kids were relatively moved, safe (always with their adult) and they had their things...
Hope that helps.

Mongoose said...

Wow, I wish I'd had that idea.

Momma has a point... I think I've said this before but you're always doing things all by yourself, it seems. I know we don't always have a choice in these things but just ask as many people as you can (in real life, not faraway bloggers). That's maybe the most important thing I've learned in the last five years: ask people for help. Even if it feels awkward.

I hope things go well and people come help you!