Saturday, March 15, 2008

Fonzo is Leaving

Our dog is the worst mannered dog to ever walk the earth. We are experienced dog owners of this particular breed and were aware of the work involved in making him manageable. With that said , our children refuse to follow simple rules like, don't let the dog jump on you, don't touch his food while he is eating, demand respect from him, don't let him drag you, be in charge of him not him in charge of you, and make sure he is taken out first thing in the morning, afternoon, and before bed at the minimum. They let this dog hump them, jump on them, knock them down and roll around with him. Now he thinks he is dominant over them, he is the leader. I am not an animal lover, if they are well behaved I am happy to interact but since he is not, I barely speak to him and only take him out as a last resort. Please don't scram at me, I can't help it, I just don't need the extra work of a dog. I begged not to get one, I was out voted by 7 children and a grown man, non of which has done his job to train the dog.

As a last resort, I told them all he had to go. It is cruel for him to be locked in a cage for many hours a day b/c he can't be trusted to out in the house without destroying everything. I compromised and have forced my DH to take him to a boarding/training program today. The guarantee he will be perfectly trained and be able to be trusted off lease with even the biggest of distractions. This is costing us more than the entire adoption process but worth it to be able to keep the dog they love and long to play with. He is well over 100# at just 8 months ans had begun dragging Patches around the yard on her stomach when she was too scared to let go of the lease. We have a huge place for him to roam here but do not have a fenced in yard so he can't enjoy it. I am very pleased we will be pet free for a few weeks and then have a dog we can all enjoy.

Kids are LOVING school. I am so surprised it happened so quickly but they are already on the phone everyday chatting away and have been invited to a birthday party next weekend.

The house is a disaster and I hope to get things under control over the next week so I can breathe. We are only seeing minimal fits and they are all about helping me out THEIR clothes in their room. Too funny, they are just lazy boogers. They can't stand to come inside and anything that causes that angers them. Things are going really well, you would never know we are usually a crazy family.

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Mongoose said...

Honestly given what difficulties your kids have controlling themselves and understanding appropriate behaviours in humans, I think it's unrealistic to expect any of them to be good dog handlers at this time. It would be different with a lab or other breed that's fairly docile, maybe, but a large, dominant dog? Heck I have trouble with MY dog, and she's 22 lbs and I'm an adult.

Good to hear the kids are doing well, though, and I hope the dog turns out!