Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More Lying

We have been watching what we eat a bit more b/c my 2 oldest are becoming lazy preteens and I worry that with the lack of motivation they will put on weight. It began this fall and they are both putting it on steadily. They are not fat and I would never mention it to them but I am noticing a difference since they both have gone up 2 sizes this year alone. We snuck out and got Blizzards from Dairy Queen. I am not sure exactly how it is we snuck b/c we all knew but it feels like we were doing something wrong.

As we were waiting for our frozen delights to be prepared, I asked the kids who got sticks pulled at school and for what. Ella announced Ava hit a boy at school so I asked if they pulled a stick. "No" is what she said while looking at me like I had just announced we were eating poop for dinner. (I have said that so I know what her face looks like when I announce it.) I tried to get more info but she shut down. I knew there was more. She was given 3 seconds to start explaining and I showed her my fingers as the time ticked away. So sad, she lost her Blizzard. Then something began to take over her body like she was possessed. The owner asked if she was OK and I assured him she was. We gathered our ice cream and left. Once home she decided she might get her treat back if she told me what happened.

"A boy was mean to me. He hit me with a bike. I hit him back." Seems innocent enough, right? No, I asked, as usual, if he did it on purpose or was it an accident. My children struggle to know the difference so I explain it every time I ask which it was and if they were mad when it happened. This was her chance and she went all out. "He is mean, he was mad. It was on purpose to hurt me." I questioned her, "Are you saying to me that this child said he was going to hurt you and then ran into you?" She was positive he did say it before and he was mad. Ella piped up and agreed saying she was on the playground and saw everything. They are very convincing in their tale. I told them I would be writing a letter to the teacher to confirm this so were they sure they were telling the truth. Ella immediately recanted and Ava hung her head. At least they are working towards a common goal. I plan to write a letter to the teacher telling her what I was told so she can be aware that Ava is prone to false allegations and not to believe her. (They were really cute and innocent looking, if I didn't know them I would have bought it in a heart beat.)

Ava later went to her room and picked all her scabs off so she is a bloody mess on her legs. She has been learning to ride a big girl bike and is covered in bruises and scrapes. So glad we have therapy again tomorrow.

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Lorie said...

I haven't been able to post lately (crazy internet!) but I wanted to aways...YOU ROCK. Okay...I said it.