Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rough Start

I am having one of those days. I couldn't sleep last night (b/c I took a nap yesterday, please don't tell my family) and about the time I did, Emma had another bad dream about wild animals chasing her. That means she won't go back to her room and must sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor on my side of the bed. Have you ever heard a restless child in one of those darn things? They make more noise than the actual crying child.

Got every on up this morning and had 5 scheduled AT appointments back to back after driving 1 hour and 45 minutes in morning traffic. We are in the middle of some heavy issues with my oldest 2 and are trying to get them in twice a week and we have a standing Wed appt where I rotate out the top 3 for the week. Anyway, the bus never showed up for the 2 going to school so I drove them, making me a bit behind schedule. (all it really meant was no Martin's biscuits and we would have to settle for the local SHell Station's Deli for one, kids didn't care but I was devastated) About 20 minutes into the ride I feel my son kicking my seat and looked at him to see him puking into his bookbag. Then the tears. Poor little one had the same thing that the child had that detained the bus from our house this morning. Now we are in the car, stuck in traffic with puke in a bag next to us and another child, Patches, barely holding it back. SHe is a sympathetic puker, you puke and she is guaranteed to join you. I told her to turn around and stick her head out the window, how we managed to avoid that girl losing it is amazing since he puked 3 more times on the way there.

We walk in the office and they are surprised to see us. Our standing Wed appt had been switched to Thurs 2 weeks in a row by them and the receptionist had just moved it permanently to there without telling us. Our next AT wasn't due in until 11 AM and there was no way the little dude could wait 2 hours. We rescheduled the Wed appt for tomorrow and off we went. No more puking all the way home.

The kids returning to school were more than angry b/c they had been promised a day of therapy. How dare I send them to school. They pitched fits and fought the entire hour home while I enjoyed The Regular Guys very loud. I checked in all the girls and took Michael home. As soon as I walked in the door the phone was ringing. Guess who? The school, Patches had had an accident. She was unaware I had left a change of clothes in the clinic instead of her bag and I am sure she thought this would be her way to come home. Sorry girl, suffer silently.

Let's hope things quiet down, I would love to snuggle and nap with my little cutie. I put him on DH's side of the bed in case he wets when he sleeps. Is that bad?


My name is Andy. said...

I love that you put him on DHs side!! Good for you!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could have left the kids there until their appt. tomorrow? I'm sure being forced to ride for hours in a van with a pukey sibling AND listen to the Regular Guys is abusive. Good job leaving a change of clothes at the school clinic. Maybe a 2nd set for backup might be even safer. -- Rachel