Thursday, March 20, 2008

More School Issues and Help for the Wetter

I spoke with the AT today about the wetting, he feels she is going into a dis-associative state when she enters the bathroom and tries to remove her pants. She goes into these episodes for other reasons and every time we bring up the discussion of her sexual abuse. Awhile back I think I posted about her session and how concerned the AT had gotten when she started to shake and sink away. This theory make perfect sense as does the suggestion way to handle this. He thinks I should, w/o shaming her, re-potty train her. She will have to tell me she has to go or I will remind her regularly and then I will go with her. Keeping her mind occupied on good things and helping with her pants (it is one of the reasons she gives for wetting) and talking her through the steps of wiping and washing afterwards. I think she will enjoy this and I really think it will help.

I tried to discuss this with the school and they were fantastic about suggesting the counselor but she wasn't there today and then her classroom teacher. Her teacher was lovely and was willing to help but before we got all the way through the topic she questioned her ability to do grade level classwork. I told ehr she had been in an SLD contained class and everyone I had spoken to BEFORE we started and then about he emergency IEP meetings when I was blown off. SHe became angry, she has not been told of ANY issues with this child and had no idea she has RAD. I am so disappointed in the school for not taking me seriously. This child has serious social anxiety issues and has been overwhelmed every day, not to mention she has been particularly huggy with the teacher. I am sending more info for the teacher tomorrow and no one has even seen the DVD my friend Lisa sent me to show them. I am going to have problems with this school, I can tell already. They are super friendly and then just do what they want.


FosterAbba said...

I know that this sounds kind of nuts, but what if you put a porta-potti for her to use somewhere that's not in the bathroom? What if you put it somewhere semi-private, like her bedroom, or the laundry room, so she could relieve herself somewhere else?

momma-o-minnie said...

Ok... you may not want to hear this. But as the mother of 4 adoptees with RAD the best thing I ever did to promote attachment (and help with enuresis - the peeing/pooing issues) was home school for a season. I was with my darlings morning, noon and night. I met their every need: education, food, entertainment. I was their all in all like when they were little ones...
It does make a difference (although I swear I need a therapist with my most RADish)