Friday, March 07, 2008

The House

Everything is signed and I got a chance to walk the property since it was storming so bad the last visit this is the first I have seen it. It is better than I imagined. It is wonderful. We will have grapes, blueberries, pears, and apples not to mention the harden we plan to plant. They have about 2 acres of open field and about 2 of woods. They will not know how to act. This photo is looking out the back door, the old barn is really cool.

We move tomorrow but the cable won't be there until Monday at 5PM. I can't get back on until then. I will have photos as soon as I can of every nook and cranny. I am waiting on th new school to contact me, I have left 4 messages trying to give them a heads up. We will be doubling their current population so I thought they might like to know they need to hire a dozen more teachers by Tuesday. They really only have a bit more than 400 students, though.


Anonymous said...

good luck on the move see you when you are back on line...hope it goes as smoothly as it can with the brood you got going..


maggie said...

Good luck with the move!

Anonymous said...

Wow -- sounds great !! I was glad to know that was not a shot of your new home. It will be wonderful for the kids to have space to run around, and less worry for you if they want to hang out the windows and yell. Stupid question: what is harden? I'm pretty sure we don't have it on the tropic of cancer. Prayers going out to you on your move. -- Rachel

Me said...

Good luck with the move and with getting everyone settled in the new school.

The house and land sound wonderful!

Lorie said...

This place looks awesome!(also glad that the barn is not the house....teeheee)I am fedexing Aria right over....oh wait...we were supposed to help huh? Oooops my bad. In the words of the almighty two year old "I coming!" Have fun moving, see you Monday. VERY EXCITING :-)