Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My son threw the XBOX remote at Emma when his turn was up. He then looked in my face and called me a liar even though he knows I saw it. I asked him to try again and he went off on a screaming fit. I escorted him to our beautiful back porch to find a plan to make this up to us. He has been back there for over an hour with no end in sight. He hates me. Oh well. I guess the other kids can eat his dinner if he chooses to remain there.

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Mongoose said...

I always found that to be the best policy with my ex - ignore him until he screams himself out. If he doesn't, call the cops. Going to jail is the best thing that ever happened to him in my opinion. Not that you want to call the cops on your kids (they're too young anyway), but it's really so much less trouble that way. Because really, such a large amount of this behaviour is by choice, all a person needs to change is to know they have consequences coming. Real consequences. I know I've said that on everyone's blog by now but... yeah, when I watch you girls and all your kids, I just remember how much more effective three weeks in jail were than two years of trying to modify behaviour in a negotiated, loving, whatever sort of way.

Totally unhelpful ray of sunshine: that's me.