Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fools

So a few more fun things I have tortured the kids with in addition to washing the poor stinky dog.

Cyr received a Stinkiest Feet Award.

I have hidden hundreds of tiny fuzzy balls under their covers.

A sanitary napkin covered in "blood" placed by the toilet. (They didn't even notice b/c my nasty dd has done this before. Finally Ella saw it and told me so I picked it up and smelled it, told Cyr it was gross to leave it there, she denied it, and I licked the ketchup off it while she started heaving. LOL)

Pretended to run out of gas on the freeway.

Put mustaches on them with washable/edible markers.

Taped notes to their back that said, "Tell me you love me", "Tell me I am smart", and "I have boogers".

Tied the sprayer on the kitchen faucet and one by one requested they wash their hands after touching the dog. It nailed every child in the face and chest, only Michael walked away and didn't shut off the water.

Had my DH sign a fake permission slip for a field trip to outer space.

Convinced the kids they would be going to a camp this summer, chore camp. I even had the brochure that I found on the internet.


Me said...

LOL! I'm thinking you enjoy this day too much. Just kidding. Sounds like you guys had a blast. You are making memories those kids will treasure forever (and likely pass on to their kids)! YAY for you!

Lisa said...

Tudu I need help please. I can't figure out how to make the links for you & Cindy hide behind the title. I've tried the links button and it didn't work. Can you help me with this????

Wendy said...

I bow to your greatness!!! What a great day you must all have had.

Lorie said...

TEEE HEEEE HEEE what a fun house!

Oh by the way I wanted to let you so that when we meet each other you don't gasp or anything, I lost my foot yesterday. A friend backed over it with their car.

Maia said...

That's hilarious! Glad your kids are learning about April Fool's ...

Cindy said...

Good Job!

Fostermama said...

I love the chore camp! Great job Tudu! LOL