Thursday, April 24, 2008

Star Student

The Detective called me several times this morning to tell me details of the case. She is so great, she has just one more interview with the paternal aunt and it will be recorded. She already talked to her and she is willing to testify that the kids' father did the same thing to her as a child. She has not had any contact with their father since she was in foster care as a child and then adopted. The D. A. and the Detective had a meeting yesterday and they have all they need to charge them. They will be picking them up Monday or Tuesday! They will video their mother and hope she blames the father and in the process confess herself. I will be doing a happy dance the minute I find out they have been arrested.

My first night without my DH sucked. BAD. I had a hard time falling asleep, DH called and woke me up, then I had an even harder time going back to sleep, once I was sound asleep I woke b/c I smelled something horrible that turned out to be the dog's diarrhea he spread all over the floor by DH's side and was licking it up, I grabbed him and ran outside in my underwear and T shirt praying no one would drive by, came back in changed the sheets, Lysoled the floor and bedspread, woke up all the kids with the noise, comforted all the kids back to sleep, and laid awake until an hour or so before the alarm clock went off. If he had been home I could have gotten him to take care of his dog, I miss him already.

Great thing happened today despite the lingering smell of dog poop. My son came up to me and told me out of the blue that he had cried the night I took back the picture of myself he kept in his room. This was genuine feelings, he was very sad that he had lost the privilege of having it in his room and he felt bad he had hurt my feelings. I bawled. I know it was b/c I am so tired that I am actually shaking but I think I might have teared up a bit even if I wasn't. This is the first time he has ever done such a mature, heartfelt thing. I am the proudest mom in the world.

I raced to the school today after AT and had lunch with our Star Student of the Week, Emma. Her teacher stopped me to tell me she had done well on her CRCT this week. Then she rephrased it and said exceptional. She wants to have her tested for the gifted program. I know she is smart, she struggled with learning to read last year so I just thought common sense smart but she disagrees. She said she finishes way faster than everyone else and then teaches the other children how to do the work in her own way not always like the teacher has taught them and she does all her homework for the week before anyone shows her how to do it. She feels she may get bored if she is not challenged in the future. I didn't know what to say, she is the light in my life, the child that adores her siblings regardless of their issues, she is happy to make any sacrifice for them, she is wise beyond her years sometimes. She is the only child that gives something back in our relationship and I am so proud to be her Mom. I can't wait to watch her shine. (Oh, the kids were right, this school is seriously laking in the cafeteria dept. It was nasty! How do you screw up fries?)


Maia said...

Congratulations to Emma, and to Michael! Glad to hear the case against the bio parents is moving along.

skirbo said...

Great progress on Michael! As far as Emma goes-speaking as a child who tested for the gifted program and there wasn't room for me until seventh grade-if she tests for it push to get her in there.

I was so bored through elementary school that by the time I needed to study I didn't know how and I already hated school from being bored-smarter kids get picked on at some point.

Just my .02.


Lorie said...

CONGRATS EMMA!!!!! and Michael....and oh boy Mommy :-( wow....sending you a cyber hug. Nothing worse than smeared dog dookie....holy moly that sucks!

Here's hoping the kids folks are in jail soon. Really!! They shouldn't ever be allowed around children again.

Angela :-) said...

Um. Fries are easy to screw up! Most restaurants are able to do so on a regular basis. I rarely get them cooked right at home. (Or maybe I'm just picky?)

Angela :-)

Marthavmuffin said...

Ugh to the dog doodoo. Hooray for your Emma girl - you must be so proud and happy for her.

Whats up with the word verification lately- it seems harder to read today...

Marthavmuffin said...

Took me 3 attempts to post!