Sunday, April 13, 2008


All of the kids started out in the tent last night, most stayed there. No sooner did I reach our back door when the phone began to ring. Patches was sobbing , she was too scared to stay in the tent located 25 feet from our home directly under our very bright light. After speaking to me she was convinced to stay a bit longer but couldn't do it all night.

I am so proud of the rest that did. It was freezing outside and I was thankful I forced them into multiple layers and extra blankets. They basically ate a bunch of snacks and fell asleep. Everyone else came running back in at dawn to warm up. I can't wait to take them camping for real so I can tell them scary stories and freak them all out.

I am ready for them to return to school in the morning. I have enjoyed having them home but am anxious to get started on Patches schoolwork. She will begin learning about Ancient Egypt and The Universe. She received a cool telescope for Christmas that she has just earned back and we both really love that kind of stuff so we will be having fun.


Maia said...

Camping in the back yard is so much fun! We do this a lot too. I'm excited to hear about how Patches' schoolwork goes - it's great you are able to be so flexible!

r. said...

Did Cyr camp out with the other kids?

Abby goes to Denmark! said...

So you did decide to homeschool Patches???

Tudu said...

r, yes, we let Cyr join them. We have a 3 room tent and she had her own room. We had several "strong" children between her and the smaller ones. I wouldn't trust her with 1 or 2 kids but we had 10 kids out there and she couldn't physically get to the younger ones. We debated quite a bit about it and felt they would be safe with her in her own room and kids between them.