Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Police at Their Finest

I took the youngest 5 to the grocery store for dog food and had Ava crying for the ride there and the first 10 minutes at the Customer Service counter. She was upset but not out of control. Michael lost it. I have no idea what started it but he went down hill fast. I had to hold his arms to keep him from knocking things over. I knew the trip was going to have to move quickly to make it out in one piece. I whispered to the clerk that is he had any weird complaints about us to just call the police and we headed off to get the 4 things we needed.

I had to hold his wrist to keep him from running and knocking everything over. He began pinching me over and over. I kept smiling to the other children and moving along. He flung out his other arm and knocked something off the shelf. I gave him the opportunity to pick it up or I would help him. He refused so I took each of his arms and helped him pick it up. A nosey man decided to intervene. He told me, "A little nice would go along way, Lady. He didn't do anything, I saw it fall." Considering the fact I saw him knock it off, I responded politely and calmly. I explained that there was more going on than he realized and my son has emotional issues. He accused me being mean, that helped the situation so much. Another woman walked by and offered her assistance, she quietly told me she understood what was happening and told me to hang in there. We made it to the check out and he threw himself around there until I carried him out.

Once in the van, he refused to wear a seat belt. I helped him put it on and he took it off repeatedly. I helped him out of our van and spoke to him nicely even though I wanted to scream. He ran to the other side of the van. I called the police. I was pretty matter of fact with the operator and told her he refused to cooperate and I couldn't go home. They sent an officer. He was polite and let me explain, I showed him our letter from the therapist warning of violent tantrums. My son is terrified of him and starts crying. He can't answer simple questions like, what school do you go to? Where do you live? Are you in special classes? I explained he is in Special Ed and struggles to learn things like names of people and schools, his address, his birthday, etc. He backed of a bit and asked if he would get in the van with his belt. Once he agreed, I got the 3rd degree. He explained the reason he was so good with him is b/c he has a degree in Psychology. He asked how many kids I have and how old they were. One of the kids hollered that Patches doesn't go to school so I had to tell him she has Social Anxiety. This idiot starts telling me she is Agoraphobic. I reiterated she had Social Anxiety, he told me to watch her b/c Agoraphobia turns into Schizophrenia. WTF? I smiled and thanked him over and over. I got the feeling this won't be the last we see him. He better not take us on as his pet project, he was weird and I don't need him trying to diagnose us any more.

I hate strangers! We left without the darn dog food, too.

On a better note, we had a blast at our Mommy and Me play date. I can't wait to try it again. My 2 kids were the best behaved there.


Anonymous said...

Tudu I can not even begin to imagine a day in your home or van or local stores...bless you woman

Innocent Observer said...

Wow, that interaction sounds scary. I love how strangers think they know better. Good job though!

Eos said...

I think he crossed some professional boundaries there...his job doesn't include diagnosing anyone (I don't care how many psych classes he has taken) frustrating. It drives me crazy when people in power (uniform and gun gives you that!) take advantage to push their own agenda or point of view.

You handled it well...I probably would have been arrested!

Lorie said...

Holy moly if your week wasn't bad enough!