Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Did It

I had a couple glasses of wine over the phone with my kids' aunt and we had our own little pity party b/c her DH is not home right now either. I adore this woman, our friendship is one of the best things to come out of this adoption, besides the kids. She had called to tell me about another allegation against the parents, their maternal uncle has accused them of raping his daughter and they have accused him of doing it to his daughter. This is the same 14 yr old cousin that had been hanging out with them and I reported to the Detective handling their case. I pray they are both wrong.

I was able to fall asleep due to the wine but I hadn't thought about the possibility of a hangover since I rarely drink. I got one. Not fun. I took some pain reliever and got them off to school so I could lay back down. I had to shut off my phone b/c some 800 number kept calling me over and over. I think I got about 6 hours total so I am feeling like a new woman. I feel optimistic again. I don't think I will try the wine again for quite awhile, though.

Our neighbor brought over his grandsons to play with my kids last night. I was a bit nervous to let them go out and had a quick chat about rules first. I watched them from the kitchen window and quickly realized there wouldn't be an issue b/c my kids couldn't catch the little boogers if they had to. After about 10 minutes, Emma and Cyr came in complaining they we tired of chasing the boys. The others came in one at a time about every 5 minutes until the boys had to leave. My kids need to learn to be active. Emma hates to sweat, she is too prissy. Cyr will lay in front of the TV without it on just waiting for me to agree. the rest will play outside but at a much slower pace than the boys did. I have to agree they were fast.

We had 7 Layer Burritos for dinner and Cyr ate about 2 cups of guacamole by the spoonful when we were done. They managed to scarf down an entire gallon of strawberries in 5 minutes.

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