Monday, April 28, 2008

Thank You So much For Your Kind Words

Y'all are the greatest! I just felt terrible for screaming like that. It has never bothered me when they are hateful b/c I know it is not me, it just really got to me yesterday. I guess I needed a pity party. I had figured we would have a tough weekend b/c their parents are being charged and arrested today, I hadn't counted on the lack of sleep. I will try that Natural Calm, for sure. This weekend won't slow me down, overall I see huge improvements from each of them in their own ways.

I gave them Little Debbies and milk for dinner. I swear I normally feed them very healthy food, no one was hungry after a really late lunch and I thought it would be silly after such a hard day. I was a bit weepy the rest of the day but they had no idea. I sent them all to bed a little early hoping to go to sleep myself. At 2AM I shut off the TV and laid there until 3:30 when I refused to look at the clock again.

On a very personal note, I now have 2 daughters that have become a "woman". She was in the bathroom a long time and I asked if she was OK. She told me no. I reminded her of our conversation just last week and she got a deer in the headlights look. We had another talk about what it means ans I asked her only question. "OMG, I could get pregnant?" I laughed out loud and and agreed. SHe confirmed she wouldn't be doing that until marriage (My fingers are crossed) and I told her we could certainly talk about this anytime she wanted.

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Angela :-) said...

Haven't you heard that watching tv keeps you awake? Try reading a book for gosh sakes, like a really boring textbook.

Angela :-)