Sunday, April 20, 2008

Make Overs

They did this over Spring Break. We all got these lovely make overs. Yes, they got a hold of me, too. Since I have all the control over which pictures get deleted there is no evidence to prove it. LOL Some of us got scary ones and some were not supposed to be scary but were. From left to right starting at the top - Gracie (emma's sister) Paches, Emma, Michael, Ava, and Ella

The dark haired child is my niece, Abbie and the other one is Ava.


musemoon said...

Love the looks :-) Nice! And Patches is SMILING :-) What fun to see. And Boo on you lady for not showing us your hot newly styled self....grrr some people spoil all the fun.

Kellie said...

They are seriously all set for Halloween. How much fun they must have had!

Mongoose said...

Ava looks seriously scary. What horror movie does she remind me of? The Exorcist? It's really creepy. :)