Thursday, April 10, 2008

Emma's Visit with Her Mother

She is still gone and I miss her so much. My heart aches when any of my children are gone but this has been a very long visit. She left on Tuesday and won't be back until Saturday.

She is being spoiled rotten. They have been to The Cabbage Patch, on a picnic, to the lake, and to the playground every day. She is going to be tough to deal with for awhile. after her return. I can't wait to hear her whine about our rules, that is how much I miss her.

When I went to fill new prescriptions for the kids the pharmacist made a comment about how wonderfully behaved my children were after waiting for over an hour. She went on to say she was surprised they were the same kids I was filling the meds for and she never would have suspected they had the kinds of issues they must have to need drugs this strong. I thanked her for the round about way she complimented the kids and told her the only reason they seemed to not need the drugs is b/c they take those drugs every day. She laughed and said she never thought of that.


Carmine Crayon said...

This may have been addressed before, but I was curious as to why Emma's mother put her up for adoption...but has kept contact [all along?]. Doesn't she have another child who is adopted, but has one at home? Was she just young when she had the girls?

Maia said...

That's so funny! I find it annoying that people feel the need to comment on the perceived mental states of my family members, but it sounds like you have a great come back.