Monday, April 14, 2008

Our First Day

Patches did very well today, no real meltdowns. She began to get frustrated with her online testing b/c they do it by age and do not consider the child may be 3 grade levels behind. She couldn't even read the the sentences for the Reading one. I called to be sure they would place her properly and they insist they will be able to tell and that my input would be a big part of her placement.

Today we learned about Egypt. We watched a program I recorded a week ago and I stopped it at every commercial to be sure she was understanding. Of course, she wasn't so we discussed everything that happened. She really does struggle to understand what she hears or reads. The good thing is she loved learning about it and the snuggle time we fit in was a real hit. Makes me want to consider keeping Cyr home, too. LOL She giggled when I requested in an old snooty lady voice that she call me Mrs. D during the day.

The other kids were very concerned about how she spent her day. Did she read? What did she have for lunch? When did she get done? What time did she get up? And on and on and on.


Torina said...

Sounds like a great start to homeschooling!

Innocent Observer said...

YEA! We have just recently started and I'm loving that I can see exactly where my kids are missing something and we can stop and "fill in the blank" so to speak.

What online curriculum are you using?

Eos said...

We only did it for one year but that was the best part...actually seeing her learn and connect the dots...I'd do it but the kiddo and I nearly didn't survive it!LOL

Lisa said...

Do we have a hot date on Friday night???????
If we do, give me the where and when. K????
Hugs, L