Saturday, April 26, 2008

Breaking the Rules

Most of the house got cleaned today and the rest will be tomorrow. Then I can start all over Monday. It just doesn't seem fair.

I miss my DH. He is stranded in CO with no phone b/c they do not get service there. Kids keep asking about him. Ella thinks he is coming home when she goes to sleep, she doesn't grasp time.

Lisa, I think it is rude you are having a getaway and won't answer your phone. You had better be having fun.

We are breaking our house rule of no kids in our bed. Since Dad is gone, I am allowing each child to rotate out on the weekend nights. I swear it is better than Disney for them. We are working on being "normal". This is a very normal thing to do. Just like hugging your sibling when they are hurt, happy, or you are sorry. I noticed a few months ago, they do not touch nicely, only hitting or abusing. We are practicing alot of things. Humor is another. They do not know how to joke around and they shut down if you play with them. I have been giving them funny comebacks and wait patiently for them to repeat them. It is no longer funny when they say it but it is coming a bit quicker in the last 2 days for a few of them. I have to remind them they are not in trouble amny times and keep a grin slapped on my face til it hurts. I know it is weird but how can you have fun when you can't tease or joke?


Abby goes to Denmark! said...

I don't think anybody else has commented about it, but those are some gorgeous photos you got taken of the kids!!! They're all so beautiful on the outside and working so hard to patch up the inside to match. =)

Keeping my fingers crossed for further breakthroughs!

Torina said...

I agree, the kids pics are GORGEOUS.

My daughter doesn't get joking either. We buy her lots of joke books and she likes making people laugh but she will literally tell the same joke to everyone in a room, one after another. It can be cute and annoying and some people think she is just plain nuts when she does it. Oh well.

I had to eliminate touching all together for my kids. Tara just can't grasp how to do a nice touch without it being...well you know...

I feel for you. It isn't an easy road we are on but there are lots of tiny victories. Congrats on Cyr feeling shame! (previous post I meant to comment on) That is HUGE!!!

Mongoose said...

Um... I think there are lots of ways to have fun other than teasing and joking. Personally I've always hated teasing, joking, and people trying to make me laugh. It's really not a requirement in life. IMO :)

Lisa said...

Thanks for the giggle Tudu! Just wait till you read.... I am so full right now I am bubbling over. Wishing I could rush down there and do anything....even laundry :-)
You are my hero! Still waiting on an email....
Hang in there honey! You're going to make it!
Hugs, Lisa