Monday, April 07, 2008

Spring Break is here

My house is SPOTLESS! The only thing I need to do is the playroom and while it is picked up it is not organized like I would like. Maybe Wednesday I will get to it.

Today is a lazy day, tomorrow we have 5 Psychiatrist appointments.

Kids are behaving beautifully and are quiet. I have managed to ignore any beginnings of trouble and it seems to be working.

Our check came a week early this month. I have never had money show up early before, I hope they have rescheduled the day they cut the checks and it is this way from now on. Probably too good to be true.

I spoke at length with the Detective and she is very hopeful this will be resolved in the next month. She has spoken to the paternal side and only has one more person to find there. They had lots of interesting info about the parents and they are looking into more abuse charges of extended family. She is fairly confident they will be removing 2 little girls from their Great Gma soon for the same reason they are investigating the parents. She is a seasoned detective and has been very surprised by this family history of incest/abuse. It is much more than we all thought. DFCS is hiding the files from her and they are now getting a supenea to get the files. We are anxiously awaiting the DNA results and she is questioning the paternity of our oldest now based on something the Mother said. She will be starting in on the maternal side next week and hopes to open a can of worms on them.


Lindsay said...

As you say, what an awful can of worms. I hope your kids, and the others too, are able to heal in the future.

Anonymous said...

Would you take the 2 girls?

Tudu said...

We won't be offered the girls for several reasons. My kids aren't biologically related to them, we aren't licensed foster parents anymore, and we aren't in their county.