Thursday, May 01, 2008

ANother Round with Michael

Things were calm the rest of the night, this morning was a whole new program. He went to catch the bus at our mailbox and began kicking rocks on the girls, spitting at them, and yelling in their faces. I asked him to stop and he ran behind a tree refusing to get on the bus or come in. I had to get shoes and go out there and pick his scrawny rear end up and carry him in. I left him in his room, he locked the door and I didn't protest, then I went and took a nap. He came out a couple hours later and I am well rested. It worked out for both of us, he kept his life and I kept my sanity. He is cleaning toilets, dog poop out of the yard, scrubbing the carpet on his hands and knees, and anything else gross I can find.

I called the Detective this morning to get an update, things have been delayed b/c the father's sister that was removed from his home many years ago and adopted by another family has backed out a few times on the taped interview. She is nervous and doesn't want to disrupt her life. I can't blame her she has no connection to the kids and has never met them. I sent the Detective a recent picture of them, hoping it helps. I warned her the parents are planning to move to TX in a couple weeks for a job. She can't pick them up w/o the taped information from the aunt, it is critical to the case. It proves he has done this many times before and it is no longer his word against the kids.

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