Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Bad Blogger

With the kids out of school I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Ruthie starts summer school on Thursday, my son's 8th birthday is today, we are planning a HUGE party, and we are having to put our dog down. He has a pretty severe case of Food Aggression. Our other Dogos were gentle, laid back, easy going, easy to train, lazy, and sweet. This dogo is anything but those things, he has bitten the kids on several occasions, never seriously but bad. He only becomes this psycho dog when there is people food involved. One time he found the pantry door open and in it was the trash, Patches walked in the room and he lunged at her and bit her leg. SHe bled but we knew it was b/c of the food and he is very confused about the pack order. Another time he bit both Ava and Michael when they tried to remove food from him, he could attack them and maul them but it isn't like that, he just bites and goes back to eating. It's like you see on TV, he is letting them know he gets the food and they are under him. This is not good and I fear they have been the ones to enforce his poor behavior and he would do fine in a home without children, he LOVES children, just not around people food. Does this make sense? I hate to kill a dog that is beautifully trained and just needs to be in a home without kids, he is fine any other time with kids. He NEVER even nips if an older person is there, it is a pack order issue. Our other Dogos were wonderful about pack order and just knew their place. My DH and the kids are devastated. I have been trying to find someone to take him but if we don't he needs to be put down.

Tonight we are making and enjoying ice cream cookies for Michael's treat. He picked salad for dinner and then those. MMMMMM

I know I have let you down Lorie, be patient, I will do it!


Marthavmuffin said...

oh dear this is so sad, hope you can find am safe place for the dog.

Lisa said...

Hey Tudu,
If you can email me a picture I can probably find him a really good home.

Anonymous said...

I have a dog who had food aggression when I first got her... It's something that honestly can be easily trained out of them with love and patience... I don't see why you feel it's "so sad" to put the dog down, yet you blame the behavior on the kids... No. Children are not responsible for a dog having food aggression unless they are stealing the food from the dog (constantly taking it away and not giving it back/teasing the dog with food). Step up to the plate and work with the dog, get the additional training/help that the dog may need... Putting the dog down because you feel your children are to blame isn't the answer to the problem... In fact, it sounds likea pretty pathetic excuse to just not waste your time bothering to try any additional means to me.

Lorie said...

Ah...no worries Tudu :-) whenever you get to it. Life craziness has made me a bad blogger too.

I found a website for Dogo surrender... http://www.daerrs.org/Surrendering_a_DOGO.html

You might want to look at it. Sorry my friend (and I mean that) as an avid supporter of you as the most amazing mom I have ever known, I am gonna um (veggie, pound dog owner speaking here) advocate that you try to find old Fonzo a home before you snuff him out.

I understand that aggression is scary and I even have to watch my active toddler with my old mild mannered doggie, but try to find the lil' (big) guy a home if possible. If not...um...RIP Fonzo I guess. :-(

email me...and HMG (whose folks live in Georgia) will get his parents on the case if need be.

:-) poor you!

Lyn said...

Anonymous, why risk the childrens safety in her home for a dog? Weigh out who has to come first, the children or the dog. And if it's that easy, maybe you could take the dog!

Mongoose said...

Well I don't want to sound judgmental, you know I think the world of you, but like I said before, I don't think your kids should have a dog right now. They have too many behaviour issues themselves to be mindful of their behaviour around a dog to an acceptable level, in my opinion, and I wouldn't trust them with any dog, big or small. It's really not fair to the dog.

Marthavmuffin said...

The Humane Society puts down dogs that have food agression, and they are called the HUMANE Society for a reason! ANONYMOUS have the guts to leave your name next time! That makes me so mad when people do that!