Thursday, June 26, 2008

Random Things

The dog is quite the charmer and I am thinking we may go for Jack, as in Jack Nicholson. Patches likes the name Jack b/c of Jack Sparrow even though her all time favorite crush is Will Turner (Orlando Bloom but she has no idea he has a real name, LOL, she argues about this every time). He is so tolerant of these kids, he just lays there as they pet him, put glasses on him, and play around him. I know he like it b/c I have taken him out of the room and he goes back on his own. He is eating up all this attention. The kids are doing VERY well enforcing the rules with him.

Emma is home. I tried to take a photo of her for the before and after but she is a mess. She has been crying for about 30 minutes on and off. She hates leaving them behind, she worries so much for a little girl. This is the hardest she has ever cried after a visit. She doesn't want to live with her, she just wants to live closer to her. It breaks my heart. (When my MIL brought her home she honked in the driveway as a greeting to all of us out there. Ella was walking the dog for the first time and started running towards me screaming and crying. Who knew a horn was so scary?)

I just overheard a few of my kids playing. Patches was yelling at Michael and then Ruthie, "You have to go to jail b/c you are the Dad. Real Dads are bad and go to jail b/c they hurt their kids. Hey, how did you get out of jail?"

Ruthie said, "My foster mom got me out b/c kids don't go to jail only parents do."

Ella said, "Hey, do people eat dogs? Can I take the dog to jail? I like hot dogs. Do you need ice cream money in jail?"

Ruthie, "People who get out of jail should get killed. If everybody doesn't do their homework, I'm gonna kill them."

(Think anything is on their minds? Ruthie is a bit over the top on the killing thing and I am so gonna keep an eye on Ella and the dog, LOL)


Ashley -cutestblogontheblock said...


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skirbo said...

The dog is adorable. He looks like a pug, except he's so huge!! Watch him getting overheated in all that Georgia heat and humidity-the smush faced guys don't handle that well. We have a pug here and have to watch her.

He sounds like a great dog, I'm so glad you found him.