Friday, June 13, 2008

Wearing Down

I am exhausted, all the darn cleaning so people can come over and trash the place in minutes. So much for being outside, it is going to rain and only during the scheduled party. How's that for timing?

Cyr agreed in therapy today that she is indeed monopolizing her Dad's time again but promised to take into consideration the other kids feelings. Who is this child? Patches went right in to therapy without a complaint. All the kids were well behaved and managed to leave without incident.

Ava has been a pain since. She is so lazy and so smart that she is able t find a million reasons not to help us prepare. Unless she has some major breakthrough by morning I am going to have to have her sit it out. It breaks my heart but I am not sure what else to do. She openly admits she shouldn't get to participate b/c she hasn't helped AT ALL. She watches, plays, hides, keeps others company, and tells others what to do but never actually does anything herself. The girl wears me down.

Spoke to the darn Detective after like 3 weeks. She is investigating the cousin that the parents recently violated and DFCS is involved. She is trying to get the mother to take the child in for a forensic interview but she is avoiding it. The Mother admits there was a kiss but I think she is afraid b/c she didn't report it she will lose the kids. If she doesn't step up now, she is going to be in real trouble.

The aunt that was adopted and violated by their father avoided her until they had to put her house under surveillance. She admitted on the phone that there were 2 incidents but now is denying everything. The Det. is trying to get the old police file on the kids' grandfather's case which would have all the statements about the incidents in it. Of course, it is missing. She is also trying to get DFCS file on it but b/c she was adopted, her case is sealed. They are trying to get a Supreme Court Order to open it b/c a regular search warrant or order won't do it. She feels it will happen but they may have lost it, too. Either way they will eventually be arrested. She has a "friend" that is a U.S. Marshal that have agreed to do the arresting and for whatever reason, she was very excited about this opportunity. She will be there b/c she said she wouldn't miss it for the world. I am frustrated it is taking so long but I know she is too. She has spies (family members) that are calling to update her on their whereabouts regularly so she is not concerned they will leave.

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Debi said...

Tudu it seems to be dragging out for so long...but I guess a good case is what they need to never go down this road heart breaks for the kids that were abused by him

hang girl you doing great, can't wait to see the bash pics...