Thursday, June 05, 2008

Great News

After speaking to an incredible trainer that Skirbo recommended, I am confident I was correct in trying to rehome him with someone experienced in this breed. She explained I am able to legally release myself from liability by making a written agreement stating that they understand the issue and that this is the last resort before euthanasia. I have many folks working hard to help from here and locally.

I appreciate all your support and understanding, y'all are the greatest! I was so shocked that this got so much feedback, of all the things I have posted, this was the hottest topic. Go figure.

Kids are fine. Ruthie is starting summer school and is both nervous and excited to be doing something completely on her own. We have AT today and more party planning. Summer is going splendidly so far.

We got the long awaited paternity results back on the kids and are thrilled to announce they are all full siblings. I am extremely relieved to that I won't be having some horrible conversation that a couple of them were fathered by nameless men or their uncle as their Mother had suggested.


Lyn said...

That is GREAT NEWS! It will mean so much to them someday! And no one feels like an outcast with the rest! That is wonderful!!

MrsLilypond said...

Great news on the kids and on the dog!

Debi said...

what a wonderful feeling on all fronts Tudu...all siblings one happy family...

Lorie said...

Wow what great news all around :-) I hope doggie finds an owner who loves him like he's their kid (ya know there are wackos out there that do that :-) I used to be one of them!)At least you will know that you have tried all of your options.

AND all the kiddos are full SIBS...yeahh!!! Your little guys have way too much to deal with already, thank God you don't have to throw another thing on the pile.

How great! :-)Hope they enjoy summer camp and good weather!

Mongoose said...

I'm glad y'all had a positive day.

FWIW, for a moment I asked myself if I could take your dog. It's completely unrealistic but... I tried. LOL

I hope with the dog gone you'll have a little less stress. You know I tend to worry about you!

Karaya said...

I use to be one of the main dogo rescuers in the east coast, food aggression is a common issues. I agree, with most rescuers its very very hard to find a home with an already food aggressive dog. Definitely no children.

I hope that works out well for you, the dog and the family.