Monday, June 23, 2008

Off Again

Emma left to go to Six Flags for the day and then back to her Mother's house for a few days. As much as I tell myself she will be fine, I worry the entire time she is gone. It's not a worry I have if she spends the night with a friend, I worry she will be in an accident or something and I will never forgive myself for letting her go. I miss her terribly already. Several kids have complained about being bored, trust me this doesn't happen here, they claim they miss her too much to have fun. She is the life of this house. I guess while she has fun we will just sit here and wait for her return.

I took this very early this morning, she was so excited to leave it was pure torture for her to stand still. She refused to have her hair done and I had to practically hold her down for sunscreen.

On a different note, we had sent in our application to attend a camping weekend with a local group we belong to for families of children with special needs many months ago but had been put on a waiting list. It didn't look good b/c they were so over booked. To my surprise, we got an email this morning that we are going!!!!!!! It will cost us $200 for an entire weekend in a cabin, with activities, and food. I am so happy we are going.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great weekend!

Although your house and grounds sounds like a great weekend too!

Foster Family Talk. said...

I hope you enjoy your weekend.


Maggie said...

The weekend sounds wonderful! It's refreshing to be around other parents of special needs kids. You know your kid can just be him/herself and there's no fear of judgment. I became friends with another parent from Slugger's baseball team. His youngest son is special needs and he was explaining (almost apologizing for) his behavior. My son's behaviors aren't as apparent as his son's. When I was finally able to make him understand that I understood, he visibly relaxed. It's just a comfort.