Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I am more than willing to accept help finding him a home. We have been trying ourselves for weeks. I have called EVERY rescue program here and they all tell me that they can't accept a dog that has bitten so many times. I explained that I feel it is a situational thing and they tell me to put him down. We have contacted the breeder and the 2 national Dogo Rescues and were chewed out for considering giving him to someone b/c he has bitten so many times. Every professional we have spoken to has chewed us out for not putting him down sooner. We have been told if he leaves our care and bites someone, we can be sued for endangering them. He is about 100# at 10 months, he will be over 120# full grown and can currently drag a women across the yard at a moments notice. He is fully capable of killing someone. I do not believe it is in his nature but it is possible.


Yondalla said...

Don't let the trolls get you down.

What you are going through is enormously sad and difficult, and you have to do what is in the best interests of your children.

I'm glad to see you have turned on comment moderation.

Debi said...

Tudu you will have to put the dog down...there is not a person out there who will take an aggressive dog...and one that has even bitten one time will be declined every time.

The up side to this is that your anonymous takes the dog and proves what a wonderful dog person they are....not likely

Mrs. Incredible said...


Screw the critics. Delete! You have your hands full with an entire household of special needs kids, and you cannot wait until the dog eats somebody's face off. It is unfortunate, it really is sad, but there is only so much Tudu to go around, and when it comes to dogs or kids, kids win, hands down, every time.

Love you, and trust your judgment.

Anonymous said...

Hugs Tudu!

Food aggression is not easily trainable with dogs. Many pet associations will not adopt a dog out who has those issues.

To the anonymous commenter, you suck!!!!

Monica said...

I've been through this. I had a 100lb German Shepherd before I started taking foster kids. He loved the first kid and barely tolerated the next few. They also allowed him to demonstrate dominate behaviors. When I started doing crisis care I worried that it would be too much for him with all the kids in and out. He never bit a person but was aggressive with other dogs. We also spent over $1000 on professional training. We too tried to find him another home. No one including the dog pound would take him because of his aggression towards other dogs (ironically we "rescued" him from the dog pound when they knew he had these behaviors...of course they didn't tell us). The day they turned him down, he snapped at one of the kids. I had him on a leash so he didn't make contact. I had him put down the next day. I absolutely cannot have a biter around the kids and, while I love animals, people are more important. I'm sorry you have to deal with this issue. Good luck.

Mongoose said...

Contact Cesar Millan ASAP. Here. Remember those two dogs Dane and Hera who killed someone? He actually asked to take them and rehab them. If anyone can rehab your dog, he can.

Seriously. Don't keep a dog that you can't control.

Debbie said...

Seconding mongoose on "Don't keep a dog that you can't control," and adding my two cents of, "And don't concern yourself with vitriolic anonymous commenters who demonstrate nothing more than a lack of knowledge about you and a lack of common kindness."

Tracy said...

I'll also come out of "lurkdom" for you. You absolutely CAN be held legally responsible is that dog bites anyone in any new home he may get, even one the shelter finds for him and even though you told everyone under the sun that he has bitten before. Not many WANT to have their dogs put down. But sometimes, it is just what you have to do.
I'll be thinking of you.

skirbo said...

I'm sorry you are going through this. If he was a female, I would take him but my male doberman would not accept that.

I'm sending you an email with the number of someone in North Florida who might be able to help you. I haven't talked to her in a long time though.


Marie0604 said...

I never comment on blogs, but I'm an avid lurker and this post caught my attention. I love Dogos. One of my last foster's was a deaf Dogo, actually. I wouldn't want you to say where you are located, but if you are within a few hours of OH, I might be able to help. There's a very good Dogo rescue in state that has a lot of resources. If it's ONLY food related, I think he's probably adoptable.