Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I sent the wrong kid to Bible School

To answer the question why my sister is being weird about her pregnancy, I think it is b/c I had such a hard time with pregnancies. I couldn't care any less about it but my family is kinda weird about it with me. I think the other reason is she is unmarried (like I was a virgin until marriage, though I do tell all my nieces b/c there is no proof otherwise, LOL) and the father is a man she dated before and discovered he was married and had 2 girlfriends in different cities. She got pregnant before from him, had an abortion that he refused to help her with after she hemorrhaged and had to be hospitalized, and contracted a VD from. Maybe she thought I might say something about his past behaviors, I am sure he has turned his life around now for her and the baby. He lives a state away and visits almost every weekend, what could I possibly say to the contrary?

My oldest is becoming quite the arguer, she used to be so passive aggressive and since she has begun working in AT, this is changing. At this point, I am entertained and enjoy the banter as long as she is respectful. Yesterday she had me on the floor laughing so hard b/c she will do it over anything and really stick to her guns about it even with written proof she is wrong.

I sent 5 of my 7 to Vacation Bible School this week, one had Summer School to attend and the other is my oldest. We are not Christians, we are Unitarians, I feel it is important for the kids to learn about all religions and discover their own beliefs. Up until this summer they were unable to attend things without me but since we are becoming a normal household they were thrilled to go and have behaved very well (for them).

After they return each day I read what they learned about and try to discuss it with them. Only Emma is paying attention or retaining anything. The others just stare at me like I am speaking French. Yesterday they learned that Jesus is the son of God. Cyr jumped right in and corrected me saying that God was the son of Jesus. I politely insisted she must have misunderstood and moved on. This child refused to let it go, she went on and on about how she was forced by her old FM to attend church so she should know. She then tried to convince me that different churches believe different things, I agreed but insisted this was one they all agreed on. She was so furious I started to laugh, not a nice thing but a reaction that couldn't be helped. She did eventually give in and stop fighting but insists she is right. She did not think it was funny when I called the old FM to giggle with her about it, she was a good sport about it all though.

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