Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Nice Afternoon

The kids are loving the blueberry bushes, I have found their hands covered in blueish stains from the juice. They are so excited that I have had to tell them not to touch them again b/c they are not ready. We have raspberries, grapes, plums, blueberries, and apples coming in but none are ripe enough to be stuffed in their little mouths. Patches doesn't even like blueberries but she is eating them.

I have started a new consequence for Ava and Michael, it can apply to them all but they are the 2 that have the toughest time on a daily basis. No more discussion, if they cross the very clear line of driving us crazy, no pool that day. They go dressed in clothes and sit in the shade and watch us giggle and play for hours. On days we can't go to the pool they can enjoy some peace and quiet in their rooms.

Michael is in his room today. I tried too many times to talk him through his anger this morning and gave up for the day after he slammed his bedroom door repeatedly trying successfully to wake his sick Dad. This was, of course, after he was obnoxious for a couple of hours downstairs. He will eat his meals separate from us and since he has calmed down I brought him up his case of Hot Wheels. Now we will have a stress free day and so will he. He just loses control. We, him and I, are supposed to be trying to talk through his anger so he won't get in trouble but instead he lashes out at me. The girls know exactly how to get him, I will see them do it and intervene to protect him from losing it and I become his target. Most of the kids do not read emotions, very difficult to explain if you don't live with it. I have to tell them my emotion, repeat it several times usually, and promise they are not in trouble over and over to get their attention or trust. I have begun to whisper to him and Patches b/c it gets their attention better. He just doesn't get that I am on his side at the time. He screamed at me in the face today when I said, "I am on your side, I am trying to help you." Maybe tomorrow, probably more like next year.

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