Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Family Curse

Yes, Ava did join the fun, she had a lot to make up before she could join us but she managed. All my kids behaved but Patches had a really difficult time joining in. She tends to be standoffish but comes across as rude. I had to escort her up to the moonwalk and get a few siblings to invite her in and kinda walk her through it. It is so hard to watch her suffer around other people. I found her too many times to count hiding in her room or behind the grill. She eventually cried after everyone left b/c none of her friends showed up, Emma chimed right in and said none of hers did either and that helped her feel less left out.

I took the kids to Vacation Bible School this morning. I tried yesterday but too many were out of control and ruined it for everyone else. We talked about it for quite a long time and we managed to go today. I was so proud of them, Michael and Emma will be in Michael's 1st grade teacher's class, the twins will be together, and Patches is alone. I was tickled to sneak in and see Patches had found a classmate from school and hooked right up. Cyr refused to go so she could stay home with Abbie and Ruthie is in summer school. Smella is going to 2 different Bible Schools, one with our kids and one at night with her friend, Emma. She is so excited to get to leave with someone besides Mom. DH asked her if she was learning anything about God and she said she was but claimed all she really did was play.

I got a call this morning from my niece Kaka, her mother is due to have a son any minute and I figured that was why she called. It wasn't. I need to back up a second and explain that I am not currently speaking to her mother (or mine) for several reasons but a couple surround this new baby. My sister refused to tell me she was pregnant for months, refused to allow anyone else to tell me, refused to return my calls, and when she discovered it was a boy (first boy born into the family in the last couple of generations so it is a big deal) she refused to call me and told my mother to do it and she called my other sisters to tell them. My feelings have been hurt, she knows this and refuses to speak to me so I made a decision to stop my relationship with her, why beg someone to be in your life. In the middle of all this, my mother always takes a side, anyone but mine (well known amongst our family this is a pattern) and made the comment that this was her first grandson (I guess my son doesn't count). I refused to go to the Baby Shower due to this strained relationship and they never gave me one so there, I am being petty. At this shower, everything she received for her child was blue, she purchased all her bedding in baseball themes, boy diapers, etc. Figuring she was all set to deliver any day, she opened everything up, washed it, and set it up. She went to the doctor today and they decided to do another ultrasound and discovered something was wrong. Her son is missing his penis and has grown a vagina. ROFLMAO! When I called Kiki, she wasn't surprised b/c she swears it is a family curse, for some reason our wombs rot off any penis trying to grow. I do feel bad for my sister, she has nothing for her daughter now and will have to either wear a lot of blue with bows taped to her head or buy a lot of new stuff.


My name is Andy. said...

Oh Tudu, that's kinda funny! here in NS, they refuse to tell you the sex of the baby because someone did just that.. got all this blue stuff, painted, etc.. and it turned out to be a girl and they sued the Dr. for money lost on all the stuff they had bought!


Alyssa's Mom said...

I am being completely evil, but here goes....

What goes around comes around!!!

That's what she gets for being mean!


Torina said...

My grandpa's dispicable wife made a similar comment at my sister's baby shower, "Oh, it is so exciting to FINALLY have our FIRST great-granddaughter!" Tara was standing right there. I disowned them right then and there and haven't seen them since. I'm sure they wouldn't approve of my biracial son since they are both bigots. Oh well. Some people are simply suck. I hope when they die, they go to a place where they are the only white, straight people :)

skirbo said...

There are a few words to describe this type of situation with your sister and her new baby. Two are 'poetic justice'. The others all revolve around the word 'irony'.

Sounds like the kid are hanging in there and you are too!


skirbo said...

There are a few words to describe this type of situation with your sister and her new baby. Two are 'poetic justice'. The others all revolve around the word 'irony'.

Sounds like the kid are hanging in there and you are too!


Lisa said...

This is hilarious!! So, did you send a condolence card? lol

Some people are just so self-centered and thoughtless it's not worth it. What was the deal with her not including you in her pregnancy to begin with? I had a SIL who was like this, making every blasted thing a competition (and I refused to compete - just stewed about everything unfortunately). We had a newborn baby girl placed with us for adoption (thru foster care) after we stopped speaking to one another (while she was pregnant) and when her daughter was born she about had a cow because she had named her daughter Alexandra (Ali for short) and found out that we had this baby named Alison (Ali for short). That started a family campaign to try to get us to change our daughters name at the time of finalization - don't think so, we loved it and it was perfect for her. When that didn't work she proceeded to bad mouth us to anyone in the family that would listen (including great aunts and uncles we never see) claiming we copy everything she does - so much drama and for what? This was 13 years ago and I know that I would handle it much differently if it happened now - I have no patience for stupidity and selfishness.

As for not counting your adopted children as "real grandsons and grand daughters" - well, that's indescribable to me. I am overly sensitive to that I'm sure, but what if your child overheard that? I think that's just plain nasty. You can only make so many allowances for people, after that, you need to make some serious decisions about their value to your family.

Lorie said...

Ahhh....Karma :-)

Maia said...

Argh. People who do things like your sister did really annoy me. Good for you for taking the higher road and just ignoring them. HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY to all your kids! I like the group party idea ... will have to pass it on to my Mom and Dad.

Lyn said...

I would love to say so many things but I can't stop laughing long enough to come up with anything clever!!