Friday, June 27, 2008

The Deadline is Today

I love the name Oliver! We ended up voting as a family and decided to go with Elvis for a couple of reasons, he kinda sings to you, he is very charismatic, and he is really over weight but still adorable. He is so entertaining and loves to be in the room while the kids play, he will leave if they surround him. I don't even like to be surrounded by them. (The kids have him in a doll pack and play and he went right to sleep.)

Emma is feeling a bit better today. No tears and she has talked to her Mother on the phone. She had said yesterday she didn't think she wanted to go to her sister's party but now has changed her mind. She is really starting to get what adoption means, loss. Her Mother has vowed to help her understand the truth about her adoption, her own behavior and instability issues forced her to make this choice. She promised to not have so much fun at her house so it doesn't look like they always have fun b/c they don't, they have to save every penny to have fun when she comes. I love her Mother and how much she loves our daughter, she always has her best interest at heart.

Today is the day they are supposed to file that warrant. My stomach is a knot. I am not worried they will arrest them, it is b/c I am afraid they won't, AGAIN. We need this to happen, even if they aren't found guilty b/c the kids don't understand all that yet. They want then to go to jail and even weeks would be enough in their minds.


Me said...

My "Elvis" approves your choice of dog names!

Anonymous said...

I hope justice is served!

Marthavmuffin said...

Great name, I am glad he is fitting in with your family so well.

Lakme said...

My friend has a pug named Elvis; he has his own blog: