Monday, June 16, 2008

We Survived

This was at the end after they opened presents. Patches looks like she is dying or wishes she was. Michael is trying to smile for every flash. Ella was JACKED UP on sodas. The kid must have had a 12 pack herself.

Ella jumping from the slide to the moonwalk, never slowed down.

Just random kids jumping.

Cyr and her miniature boyfriend, it is hard to tell here but she is much taller than he is. I was worried they would kiss and they refused to stand near each other. What a relief that was, not mention her cousins tortured her about standing closer, hold his hand, when were they getting married, how many eyes would their babies have, you name it, she wishes she hadn't invited him, I am sure b/c they never left her side.

Uncle Todd did the cooking and then he did this for about an hour. He claims he had a good time, I think he was just pretending so the kids would leave him alone.

After the events I was in so much pain I took some pain medication and laid down. My DH told me he had everything under control and not to worry. I stayed there all night. The next morning I woke to find they never did have dinner, he claimed they were not hungry. I started to look around for things to clean up and discovered the reason they weren't hungry was he let them graze on 50 bags of chips and and about 4 cases of soda all night. I thought it was weird they were still up chatting way past midnight. He is so funny, it never occurred to him they would overdo the sugar and chips.

I forgot to add that the Aunt, Uncle, and their new cousin (he's 15 and was unknown to the family until recently) were a huge hit. The kids were thrilled they came and they were so great about answering questions for them about their parents. Tons of kids came and even a couple of Moms from the online group I keep trying to fit in.


Lorie said...

Sounds like a total success :-) year! I promise. Tell me how the gummy eyeballs went over???

Marthavmuffin said...

Sounds like the party was fun for all...Sorry to admit I am not sure if Ava is in the top photo or not? Did she get to come? I hope a kid I used to sabotage myself out of fun and good, so I said a prayer for her when I read your post the other day.

Maia said...

I love the idea of having a joint party (and so does my Mom)! It looks like yours was a success. Cyr is so cute standing next to that boy ... I totally remember that awkward-cool feeling of being that age.