Saturday, June 28, 2008

We couldn't help it

I have something to confess, we have added another member to our family and this one was not planned for. I had answered so many ads on Craigslist looking for a Pug that I kinda lost track of who was who. One of the guys I talked to gave us Elvis but earlier in the week I had spoken to a really nice lady and misunderstood our conversation. I thought she was weighing her options when she said she said she would be talking to her daughter about us and get back to me by Friday. She meant she would tell her daughter and see us Friday. She called on Friday and became almost frantic when I told her I thought she had decided to keep him. Turns out she had taken him to the vet, washed all his 400 toys, and even had her family come to say goodbye to him. I felt terrible for her and called my DH. He was game so we now have a second Pug and he is actually the age she claimed, 3.5 yrs. He is so darn cute. The dogs get along fine but do not really play together for more than a minute or so b/c Elvis is so tired. His age has become incredibly obvious when we brought home the young guy. Now we have a cuddler and a runner. The younger guy seems to know his name so we are keeping it, he is Jace. He doesn't stop moving until he passes out. He follows me around like I am a giant treat. He has a favorite place to sit as you can tell in the picture.


Me said...

SUCKER! Just kidding! I'd have taken him, too. He looks like a sweetie. Are you keeping his name or changing it? Too bad he's not a girl. He could be Priscilla to Elvis.

skirbo said...

Since it's so easy to convince you to take animals, can I send you a couple of kittens? Seriously... free shipping. :D

He's adorable!


Tudu said...

Sorry we are in a no cat zone. LOL I am completely in love with our dogs, though.

Lakme said...

Welcome to the cult of the pug, Tudu ;)