Monday, June 30, 2008

Delayed Again

The deadline has been postponed, again. I am not surprised but disappointed. The kids have no idea and that does help up us get through. I believe our Det., I believe she is doing all she can. She promises that she has enough to prosecute 3 charges for each parent. She also shared she has some really amazing evidence and testimony to prove what my kids have said. I was really impressed that she managed to get this so many years after the incidents. She has all her supeneas for the closed adoption records and their father's juvenile records. It will take time to get the adoption records but DFCS is working with them, finally. They can't find the charge on his juvenile record that the old investigator swears she is sure she charged him with. The Det. has another interview with her today to find out why it isn't there. She remembers both sisters made allegations so it should be in the adoption files. The latest victims were unable to make their forensic interviews due to a car accident the night before and should be rescheduled today for this week. I wish things would move faster but it is more important they do it right.

We discussed the media issue again. She is worried this will be a huge case here, they will release their parent's names after the arrest. They will not comment after that. She feels these people know enough people that would love to have a minute of fame they will say anything. I am concerned our name and location will get out. Many know our name, we are not listed, and only their former foster parents and Aunt/Uncle know exactly where we are. I feel like we are covered but not confident. Any suggestions?


Lyn said...

It sounds like thier father hurt a lot of people and the kids are lucky to have you to keep them safe and teach them appropriate behavior! I pray that this ends well for the children and maybe provides them some closure for this, that they can move on and become the people they have so much potential to be! This is not who they are, and you are helping them see that!

Lindsay said...

I can understand your frustration at another delay - but like you say, better it is done right so the charges stick and they are convicted.

Regarding the chances of publicity, I would hope for the best and prepare for the worst. I'd guess because of the size and scope of the case a media circus is a distinct possiblity.

Can the detective give you any suggestions/strategies? Or the AT? I'm guessing they have been thru this with families before and can perhaps guide you on what is likely.

I presume the media cannot name your children or identify them in any other way (like disclosing their school, place of residence)? I'd check with a lawyer. Maybe you can take out some kind of injunction to prevent your kids being identified or approached? I would definitely let the school know what is happening when you are able to do so, so they can be prepared for any impact on the kids behaviour, and also guard against sneaky media phone calls.

Thinking of you all.

Mel and Moses said...

I'm sorry I don't have any suggestions but I just wanted to say we will keep you in prayer. Tough stuff for the kids. They are very blessed to have you!

Kellie said...

My only suggestion would be to take your blog private for a while. A few carefully "googled" words and the media could find you and have a field day with what are supposed to be your personal writings. Just a thought.